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Celebrate our forward movement toward a world free from gender-based violence

Join us at Brewing Hope where you’ll be moved by a live performance from nationally acclaimed bluegrass artist Phoebe Hunt, entertained by our emcee comedian Amy Sumpter and inspired by our leaders while you enjoy complimentary craft beer and local food fare


Monday, September 9

6 - 8:30 PM

Lagunitas Brewing Company

2607 W. 17th St. 

Chicago, IL 60608


As a sponsor, you will be recognized as our partner in advancing a worker-led movement to end gender-based violence. Our sponsorship benefits grant you access to subject-matter experts, exclusive events, training and more.




At the center of every movement, you'll find organizers. Your sponsorship at this level will grant you recognition at the event and its promotional materials.




Introduce new ideas. Your sponsorship at this level will give you access to an exclusive VIP reception with members of the Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence.




Create a new path. Your sponsorship at this level ​will place you at the front lines by granting you invitations to worker-led teach-ins, rallies, community-based events and other activities.




Shape the imaginable to the actionable. Your sponsorship at this level will cultivate your leadership through an exclusive two-hour workshop on advocating for low-wage survivors of gender-based violence.


We couldn't do this without our talented and dedicated volunteers!

Committee co-chairs: Erika Chavez and Emily Werth