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In 2012, workers, rape crisis advocates, labor organizers, government officials, and attorneys convened for the first time in Chicago. Labor organizers shared that workers were telling them about incidents of sexual violence, but they lacked the resources and training to provide meaningful support. Rape crisis advocates explained that gender violence was commonplace in their clients’ workplaces, but they needed strategies to create community accountability.


The meeting sparked a creative, passionate dialogue between the labor and anti-violence movements, and a coalition was born. Healing to Action is the anchoring organization for the Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence (CAWSV).  




“Restoring Dignity” is the first city-wide symposium led by workers to discuss the impact of gender-based violence on low-wage workers and possibilities to advance worker leadership in the labor and anti-violence movements.

Increasing referrals to Chicago’s legal aid organizations that provide free or low-cost services to low-wage workers

Stopping an Illinois bill that would shield employers from liability for sexual violence committed against workers by low-level supervisors



Training over 100 community leaders and 150 workers in Chicago to support survivors of sexual violence in low-wage jobs

Advancing sexual violence protections for domestic workers by working to pass the Illinois Domestic Worker Bill of Rights