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The Problem

Gender-based violence is an income inequality issue that disproportionately impacts low-income black and brown communities, and people in the LGBTQ and disabilities communities. Gender-based violence drives up survivors’ healthcare costs, degrades their earning power, and devastates their chances of achieving the economic security needed to leave an abusive situation. While the costs of gender-based violence are high, only about 1 in 4 survivors ever comes forward to report their experience, creating a culture of silence which enables further abuse and exploitation.

Our Solution

Using the resilience strategies survivors already possess, Healing to Action builds the leadership and collective power of the communities most impacted by gender-based violence to achieve economic and social equality.

The movement begins with you.

We center low-income communities, black and brown women, youth, and gender non-conforming people, & survivors from the LGBTQ and disabilities communities.

Who We Center

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