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Modules & Pricing

Gender Liberation


Develop an understanding of the social construction of gender, the use of violence to enforce gender conformity, and define gender liberation

Prevalence & Stigma 


Recognize the prevalence of gender-based violence in your community, and explore rape culture and victim-blaming as contributing factor to the prevalence of gender-based violence



Deepen your understanding of the connection between gender-based violence and other forms of oppression, and how GBV disproportionately impacts marginalized communities

Supporting Survivors of Trauma


 Practice skills  to respond to survivors in an affirming and trauma-informed way, learn Information about resources and services for survivors, safety planning, and develop strategies to address secondary trauma

Allyship and Bystander Intervention


Develop survivor-led bystander intervention strategies individually and collectively

Legal Rights of Survivors


Learn about the state, local, and federal laws relating to gender-based violence, and develop tools to critically think about the gaps/challenges of the systems based on survivors’ lived experiences.

Survivor-led Justice Solutions

Explore alternative justice processes that seek to address limitations in existing justice responses, including introductions to restorative justice and transformative justice.

Survivor-led Organizing


Develop a framework for organizing that centers vision and solutions of survivors, exploring applications of survivor-led organizing in your  own community/institution, and how to support other survivors in telling their stories.

Tailored Content 


Contact us if you have a specific training need you’d like to explore with HTA.


Pricing Structure

The fee structure for training will be on a sliding scale based on the organizational partner’s budget size. Tailored content would be priced at a higher premium for additional research/preparation time.


$500K - $2M

$2M - $5M

Over $5M





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