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Our Staff


Sheerine Alemzadeh


Co-founder, Co-director

The proud daughter of Iranian immigrants, Sheerine works to transform responses to gender-based violence in marginalized communities as an activist, litigator, thought leader, and organizer.

Her career has focused on building bridges between social movements, applying intersectional approaches to human rights activism, and promoting shared leadership as a path to sustained social progress. 

Karla Altmayer

she/her(s) or they/them/their(s)

Co-founder, Co-director

Raised on Chicago’s Southside by a single-mother from Mexico, Karla is driven by her family’s experience with poverty, sexual violence, racism, and incarceration to dismantle the cultural conditions enabling gender-based violence. As an attorney, she developed an innovative and nationally recognized promotora model so survivors could organize and build solidarity. As co-director of Healing to Action, Karla continues to collaborate with survivors, building their individual and collective power.


Jocelyn Moreno


Campaign Organizer

Born and raised on Chicago's Southside in a mixed-status home, Jocelyn experienced and witnessed the poverty, racism, gender-based violence and police brutality her community had to endure every day. Originally a graphic designer, Jocelyn made a swift career change to activism and organizing in response to our political society's increasingly poor conditions and aggregate moods and opinions. With her personal and professional experience as a Community Health Worker, she is now taking the lead at Healing to Action to help end gender-based violence.

Ashley Hart


Development Associate

Ashley’s own experience of domestic, workplace, and gender-based violence fuels her personal and professional work towards collective healing and liberation. In earning her Master’s degree in Nonprofit Management and BA degrees in Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies at DePaul University, Ashley found her passion for the decolonization and redistribution of wealth through trust-based and transformative philanthropy. Ashley bridges her development and social work experience to bring forth emergent strategy and sustainability to the nonprofit sector. 

Romina headshot.jpg

Romina Vargas Bezzubikoff


Community Organizer

A first-generation immigrant born in Peru and raised in Kansas, Romina has been passionate about working with immigrant, Latinx, and other marginalized communities for several years. She became interested in how marginalized communities create their own systems of mutual support in college when studying integration policies and the sociology of immigration. After exploring the legal field by assisting survivors as a paralegal at the Cook County Domestic Violence Courthouse, she shifted to organizing at Healing to Action to focus on addressing the root causes of gender-based violence and emphasize healing alongside survivor-leaders.

Our Board


Jasmine Benjamin, Vice Chair

Keisa Reynolds.jpg

Keisa Reynolds

Aisha Ismail.png

Aisha Ismail


Elana Kopp,

NFG Photo - AH.jpg

Amanda Hwu

Samantha Lee, 
Board Chair

Michelle Roseborough

Michelle Roseborough


Gillian Shapiro, Treasurer


Emily Werth


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