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8th & 9th

This intimate, two-day offering enables a cohort of participants to learn the foundational principles for Healing to Action’s survivor-led work. Our core modules are the product of over 10 years of tireless collaboration between survivors, labor organizers, attorneys, anti-rape advocates, and community leaders to support survivors of gender-based violence while building survivor power and leadership.

Organizers, advocates, and leaders participating across different movements will collaborate to explore the root causes of gender-based violence, build concrete skills for supporting survivors, and co-create a critical dream space to imagine new iterations of survivor power.

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This two-day cohort offering is for individuals who:

regularly work with survivors from communities most impacted by gender-based violence - BIPOC, low-income, immigrant, LGBTQ+ and survivors with disabilities

are passionate about addressing the root causes of gender-based violence and collaborating with survivors in developing grassroots solutions

want to deepen their organization’s analysis of gender-based violence and/or survivor-led organizing

are excited to build relationships and learn with and from folks representing different movements, identities, disciplines, and experiences working with survivors

We will cover the following topics through intensive hands-on training and facilitated brainstorming and action-planning for your organization’s needs.

Core Principles of Survivor Leadership

Learn about HTA’s core values and fundamentals of survivor leadership as a framework for application in your own work.

Applied Workshop: Cultivating the Conditions for Survivor Genius

A deep dive into creating inclusive, accessible spaces for survivors to develop a shared political analysis of the root causes of gender-based violence. Participants will explore how to design programming in their own organizations that facilitates the inclusive participation of survivors.

Survivor-Led Organizing: A Case Study 

Hear from HTA survivor leaders about developing their own grassroots campaign to address the root causes of gender-based violence in their community, and lessons learned along the way.

Applied Workshop: Collectivizing Survivor Power

A deep dive into political education and collective decision-making for survivors to ignite organized action in their communities. Participants will reflect on existing decision-making structures in their own movements and how to incorporate and center survivors’ vision for change.

Survivor Storytelling as an Engine for Change

Explore and experiment with creative strategies for storytelling that build survivor power, preserve survivor dignity, and avoid re-traumatization.

Applied Workshop: Sustaining Survivor Leadership

A deep dive into sustaining and nurturing ongoing individual and community transformation with survivor leaders. Participants will explore strategies for survivors in their own organizations to prevent burnout, distribute leadership, and maintain strong relationships while working collectively to end gender-based violence.  

Applications DUE August 11, 2023. Selected participants will be notified by September 8, 2023. A registration fee of $550 is due upon admission into the program. The fee includes 10 hours of high-quality training, lunch on both training days, and a cohort lunch the week before the training.


Questions about the Survivor Power Institute?

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