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© Healing to Action 2019, all rights reserved. Healing to Action is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization


Healing to Action advances a worker-led movement to end gender violence and envisions worker leaders creating safe, just workplaces and stable economic futures.

Silicon Valley, Hollywood and Capitol Hill are under fire for sexual harassment, but people in the lowest income bracket are up to12 times more likely to experience sexual violence than their higher-earning counterparts.

Shame, stigma, and high rates of retaliation prevent 3 in 4 survivors from coming forward. Workers who come forward face multiple barriers to justice.  Sexual violence drives up survivors’ health care costs and degrades their productivity, making it an income inequality issue that undermines the economic power of millions of women. 

Using the resilience strategies workers possess, Healing to Action builds worker power so they can organize against gender violence to achieve economic and social equality.

We combine organizing with peer support and leadership development, recognizing that survivors are much more likely to come forward to someone who shares the same experiences as them than to go to the police or seek legal help. We also recognize that it’s not just about people coming forward, but about survivors leading grassroots strategies that prevent violence from happening in the first place.

Our leadership program provides a safe, healing space for workers across cultures and industries to share their stories and build responses to gender-based violence in their communities.

Many workers already lead their unions, workers centers and community-based organizations so we train, evaluate, and provide tailored technical assistance to grassroots allies.

Worker leaders emerging from our programs lead the Coalition Against Workplace Sexual Violence in developing and implementing creative, community-based responses grounded in their lived experiences.

Support the movement today.